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  • Fuel 4 Nootropic Complex

    Fuel 4 Nootropic Complex was formulated using well studied and proven natural compounds, specifically formulated to perform with a single dose. But also to continue improving and enhancing mental properties and overall brain function.

    With a vast demand, and so many variations of needs, Fuel 4 Nootropic is made to work with 1 to 3 capsules per day depending on your needs. We recommend starting with a 2 capsule dose, for at least 2 weeks before stepping up to 3, or down to 1. This will give your neural pathways time to experience both the acute and cumulative effects of the steady dose, for a better baseline. Many consumers find the 2 capsule dose to be sufficient, and extremely beneficial.

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  • Fuel 4 Organic Mushroom Complex

    • POWERHOUSE MUSHROOM BLEND – Enjoy the potent effects of 5 mushrooms with our supplement. It features a blend of cordyceps sinensis, turkey tail, Agaricus blazei, shiitake, and reishi mushroom extracts.
    • RAISE YOUR DEFENSES – Help your immune system function in top shape every day. Taking our organic mushroom complex may help your immune system ward off external threats and unseen stressors.
    • BEAT STRESS SYMPTOMS – Stay cool, calm, and composed when faced with difficult situations. The mushrooms in our supplement contain compounds that may help provide relief from stress and tension.

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