Welcome To Essential Source.

In the beginning…
When Essential Source took our first step into business back in 2008, we started with clear objectives, a non-compromising vision of high product and delivery methods, and building national retail support. From the moment we launched the company, we knew educating you, our client base, with real facts not carefully worded and misleading sales pitches and aligning ourselves with top retailers was just scratching the surface. We knew that in order to grow consumer confidence, our products and support needed to be special and prove it.

Our offering: Through our detailed research we have developed formulas and cutting edge delivery methods for products in key product areas such as diet, digestive health with our TriActive probiotic line, beauty with our Bonita products, homeopathic offerings, nutrition products featuring Max Effect, sleep aids with our Sweet Dream Strips, pain treatment with our popular Nopavera product, male enhancement with Bomba, and stress and anxiety with yStress.

Our growth: Through our success, we continue to expended our product line each year and have earned the respect of an ever-growing educated customer base that now gravitates towards our brand. By upholding our high standards, we continue to see expansion in our target markets with new delivery advances in products and new partnerships.

Building consumer confidence. Those who have purchased an Essential Source product know that when they see the Essential Source brand, they are getting more than just a supplement product, they are getting the research and delivery methods designed to maximize the effectiveness of our products. We encourage you to explore the facts behind our research and compare our products to any other product or brand in the same market.  You’ll quickly find why Essential Source is brand that product educated customers choose.

If you contact Essential Source, we wont pressure you into a sale. We thank you for looking into our efforts and brand. From great products and prices to a network of retailers and product materials that deliver facts to help educate you. We really do care about what we offer because most of all we know that longevity in the marketplace is all about taking care of you.

If you ever have a question about our products or need to know where to buy an Essential Source product, we encourage you to contact us today.  Because we don’t sell direct to consumers, if you call, you will never be pressured into a sale or forced into listening to a sales pitch by our staff. You want answers, we’re here to give them and let you decide if Essential Source offers the right product for you.