I am 32 years old & a registered nurse. I managed to go Covid-free until I finally fell victim in July 2022. After that, my hair began to fall out by the handfuls. When I’d wash it, it’d come out even more. I tried everything. Oils, shampoos, dietary changes, scalp massages, & all types of vitamins (even the very pricey/popular one that starts with “N”). Nothing worked. NOTHING. When these didn’t work, it added to my stress, which only worsened my hair loss. I began to browse wig websites & seriously considered buying one.

In January 2023, I came across Bonita V in my local health store. What caught my eye was not only the price, but the fact it was made in the USA. Over the past few years, I’ve become a big proponent of only buying supplements with the USA stamp on it.  I love that they are vegetarian/vegan based, too. After less than one month of starting the vitamins, I noticed my hair began to fall out less & was growing faster. No longer was I having the clumps of hair come out in the shower. In February, my hair stylist told me she could see long patches of new growth!!  A few days into my second bottle, I noticed how strong my nails were becoming, too. This was just an added bonus for me.

I’m attaching some before & after photos of my hairline. The first two photos are post Covid & the second two photos are a month & a half of using Bonita V. What a difference!! This product works & I'm recommending it to everyone I know. If there is an ambassador opportunity, I would love to be one for this company!

Bonita V is something I will be using from now on! Thank you so so much for this product. It really has been a life changer. Please don’t ever change the formula!!

C. Bates